Respite Network

Respite in the North East Region is comprised of the following:

A Respite Management Committee [RMC] oversees the work of the Regional Respite Network Coordinators to provide a consistent service approach to respite with common eligibility and common respite application.

Each Respite Network is comprised of the Respite Service and Partner Agencies, a Ministry of Community and Social Services/Ministry of Children and Youth Services Representative and a Respite Network Coordinator.

There are two respite networks:

South Network [Muskoka Parry Sound and Nipissing]

North Network [Cochrane Temiskaming]


Each network is responsible for the coordination of Respite Network Funds and

Children/Youth Respite Activity Fund

Allows multiple families who have children with special needs to create meaningful participation, activities and or respite within the community.

  • Parent Initiative Activity Fund – South Network

  • Children’s Community Group Activity Fund – North Network


Emergency Respite Flex Fund
  • To assist in supporting families who are experiencing a crisis situation which requires respite that typically would not have been planned for, i.e.: the child/youth caregiver(s) must attend a funeral, or the child/youth caregiver(s) are hospitalized etc.


Respite Training Fund
  • To provide funding for training courses to Respite Contractors or Families to enhance their ability to support the needs of the child/youth.


For more information please contact the Regional Respite Network Coordinator in your coverage area
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