The 2014 Community Living Bursary Recipient: Autumn Kozluk

July 7, 2014

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Community Living Parry Sound offers a $150.00 Bursary award to the Parry Sound High School to be given out to a worthy student each year.  Over theautumnselfie 15 years that the bursary has been awarded, CLPS has been proud of each recipient and this year is no exception.

Autumn Kozluk was interviewed by Community Living in 2010 and was chosen to be a volunteer assisting with the day camp for youth receiving services from Community Living.  Autumn says “I wanted to be involved with a cause that helps other people in need.  Community Living, along with various other leadership activities, made me come to the conclusion that for my future vocation… I aspire to become a clinical psychologist.”  Autumn says that working at the CLPS day camp helped her recognize that she is “dependable, has initiative and is innovative”.

Autumn also saw how her efforts working with youth could have a long term impact on the Parry Sound community.   She believes that by helping youth feel involved in their community and encouraging them to participate in local activities she will have contributed to a healthier, more active society.  In her own words, “I have not only displayed innovation and initiative, but my actions, along with others, will strengthen the community for the future.  I am extremely grateful for the honour of receiving this bursary”, Autumn says, “because the money will help me further my education at Laurentian University.  This will help me achieve my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist so I will be able to aid people such as those I have helped throughout my time as a volunteer at Community Living Parry Sound”.

Community Living is proud of Autumn Kozluk and pleased to have provided life experiences that will help her move forward in life in a direction that Autumn feels is meaningful and right for her.

Congratulations and thank you Autumn from Community Living Parry Sound.

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