Cory and Jennifer’s Vow Renewal

October 7, 2015

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September 12 was a day of renewal for Cory and Jennifer Jarick and their love story.

After ten years of a happy marriage, the two decided they wanted to renew their vows and plan it themselves.

The beautiful sunny morning started like any other day, Cory and Jenn woke up and had breakfast together. Then the excitement began, they headed out for their separate appointments in preparation for the big day. Arriving back to their apartment at separate times, it was now time to start getting ready! Support staff Carl and Lindsy came to their apartment to help them get dressed and get to the Stockey Centre on time.

A little nervous but excited, it was time to renew their vows. Cory and Jenn walked on opposite sides of the isle and met in the center. They walked the aisle hand in hand. Their ceremony started with an introduction and the history of the past ten years of their marriage. More than 60 family and friends surrounded them to celebrate. There were even some very welcomed surprise guests; Jennifer’s father and brother.

The two exchanged their vows and gifts; a ring for Jennifer and a watch for Cory. Later into the night Cory and Jennifer had their first dance to “Fight Song “; which they admit seems a weird title but a very fitting song.

Gifts from guests helped them go on their two day honeymoon. The next morning, Cory and Jenn packed their bags and headed to Christies Mill. They spent their time relaxing and hanging out together, enjoying their even stronger bond.

Cory and Jenn have both agreed that since renewing their vows they have been brought together closer and their marriage has become stronger. They hope to renew their vows every ten years. Ten years from now, they hope to be living in a condo with their cat Cuddles.

“A great big thank you and lots of love goes to everyone who helped organize their special day and to everyone in the community for all the love and support over the past ten years. Always stand up for yourself to do what you want.” – Cory and Jennifer Jarick


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