Residential Services

Group Home

A holistic approach is taken in supporting adults within a group home setting where supports and services are provided 24 hours a day.  Using the community first philosophy, people are empowered and encouraged to interact in their community.  Support is given to assist each person to move through their daily lives in the area of personal shopping, medical appointments, grocery shopping, leisure activities, banking travel and participation in social events.

Case management

For planning purposes, CLPS will ensure a team approach to case management. CLPS will assume the lead agency role when multiple agencies are involved. The Community Inclusion and Support Facilitator will provide Service Coordination. Specifically the role of Community Inclusion and Support Facilitator will be to: a) promote and facilitate an inclusion based approach that links the person to community based services and supports b) Promote and facilitate opportunities that connect each person to the community effectively and empowers them to advocate on their own behalf and increase their capacity and potential to do so.

To apply for services please visit:

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