Planning & Facilitation

Community Living Parry Sound is committed to the belief that each person has the right to be acknowledged as an individual and the right to have one’s talents, needs, aspirations and choices recognized and fulfilled by promoting and advocating for opportunities of active involvement in community life.

Person Directed Planning:

Person Directed Planning and facilitation is a process that can be carried out throughout someone’s life. The intensity of the planning will vary depending on the needs of the person. We have training Person Directer Plan Facilitators who will work with you to identify your goals and the steps to get there.

Person Directed Planning:

  • Recognizes and supports individual communication styles
  • Supports people to have better lives
  • Identifies barriers that limit access to employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Helps to establish new relationships including connecting to community activities and resources
  • Provides a plan designed to enhance the quality of life for each person
  • Empowers personal decision making
  • Provides up to date information on service direction

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For more information please contact:

Tricia Bain, Manager of Individualized Services

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