Why I Light It Up Blue Every April

March 24, 2015

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A few months after my beautiful son Ricky was born, I began to wonder why he hadn’t started laughing or cooing yet.

My family and friends tried to calm my fears. They said nothing was wrong. But I knew there was a bigger reason. That’s when I started doing a little research and discovered Autism Speaks. I’m so grateful that I did.

Thanks to their guidance, we knew the right questions to ask, and Ricky was eventually diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Today, he’s progressing well and is a very healthy four-year-old.

Now, we participate in Light It Up Blue every April to help give other families the hope and comfort we found through Autism Speaks.

I hope you’ll join us this year — add your name to say you’ll be a part of Light It Up Blue, and Autism Speaks will be in touch with more information.

Receiving an early diagnosis meant everything for our family. Ricky was able to get the treatment he needs, and Autism Speaks has given us a community to lean on and learn from.

Far too many families aren’t as lucky as mine, but Autism Speaks is working to change that through research, resources, and awareness initiatives like Light It Up Blue.

Every April, I show Ricky the blue lights in our neighborhood and around the world, and let him know they’re all for him. The smile on his face is simply the best gift ever.

It means so much to know we aren’t alone, and that’s what Light It Up Blue is all about.

If your life is also touched by autism, or if you just want to help shine a light on it, join us this April 2nd.

Thanks so much,

Sissy Horch
Rochester, New York

P.S. Lighting It Up Blue can be as simple as wearing something blue on April 2nd — or as big as lighting up your entire office or school. The important thing is that you’re part of it.

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