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Our Board of Directors helps to build an inclusive community that embraces people with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Board works alongside staff and community partners towards the achievement of goals that will help improve the quality of life of the people we support.

Directors bring personal skills or knowledge in such areas as finance, law, fundraising, public relations, advocacy, banking, healthcare, or education to the organization. Some also bring the knowledge and perspective of a parent or other family member of the people we support.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and accountability of the organization. Among their responsibilities are to establish the agency’s vision, mission, services principles, strategic priorities and overall direction, and to monitor progress as well as compliance with relevant legislation.

Directors attend Board meetings, which are held approximately nine times per year, and an Annual General Meeting in September. They also participate in one of the Standing Committees. These committees meet as required:

  • The Executive Committee is composed of the President (Chair), Vice President, Treasurer and immediate Past President.  Among their functions are acting for the Board when a decision is required between meetings and ensuring that the Board operates in accordance with the bylaws and governance policies.
  • The Finance Committee consists of three to five members. The Committee’s primary role is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the financial affairs of the organization. This includes ensuring the establishment of sound financial policies and practices which will lead to the long-term financial sustainability of the organization.
  • The Nominating & Membership Committee also has three to five members.  Areas of responsibility include the recruitment and maintenance of Association membership and the nomination and orientation of qualified candidates for vacancies on the Board of Directors.
  • Additional committees such as Housing, Fundraising, and Recreation may be established as needed by the Board.

Eligible applicants are required to offer their diverse talents and time to ensure the responsibilities of the board are fulfilled.  Responsibilities of Board members  include the following:

1. Attend regular meetings and participate in deliberations by asking questions, expressing views and suggestions, making or seconding motions and voting.

2. Attend and participate in special meetings and membership meetings, including but not limited to, Annual General Meetings, strategic planning sessions and Board development events.

3. Accept appointments to Board committees as members or chairs, attend committee meetings and assist in carrying out committee work. Chairs will prepare agendas, motions for Board consideration and annual reports if required.

4. Accept or volunteer to perform other duties for the Board; for example, serve as an Officer, undertake a special project, represent the Board on a management committee or an external body, assist in fundraising.

5. Prepare for meetings by reading and considering agenda documents in advance.

6. Take responsibility for self-education by seeking information necessary to understand issues and to contribute meaningfully to discussions.

7. Attend, when possible, social, public information/education, fundraising and other events relevant to the organization.

8. Identify people in the community who have the backgrounds and skills needed by the Board and give their names to the Nominating & Membership Committee for possible inclusion in the Potential Directors Bank.

9. Be an ambassador of the organization in the community and an advocate for the people served.

To apply to join the CLPS Board, please CLICK HERE to complete the application form.

If you would prefer to fill out the form offline, download it here: Board of Directors Application

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