A Good Life in Community

On this page, you will find all the resources/deliverables that were produced as a result of our Employment and Modernization Fund III project titled A Life Outside of Services: Changing the Conversation.

The two-year project, known as A Good Life in Community, was meant to create opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to re-imagine the way they receive services. We as an organization believe that the first step to systemic change is to shift the mindset – thinking and beliefs that limit families to a life in service – as this will lead to a change in expectations. That is why our work started with changing the conversation from living a life in service to establishing a good life in the community. A Good Life in Community was designed to work intentionally with families using a holistic approach to support by charting the path to belonging.

We learned that to live a life outside of services means working to cultivate innovative relationships that embrace diversity and celebrate abilities outside of the developmental services sector.  It is our hope that these resources provide some inspiration and guidance for you as you work towards creating a community in which every person has the power and freedom to determine the life they want for themselves.

Summary of Project – Document

By clicking the above image, a new tab in your browser will open up containing a PDF summary of the project. You may download the PDF to your computer, or print it out.

Community Map

By clicking the above image, a new tab will open up in your browser and a 228-page digital flipbook will appear. You may have to give it a moment to load.

Summary of Project – Video

This video was made by Norm Weichel of Weichel Productions.

To learn more about this project, or to find out how you can begin to change the conversation in your own community, please connect with the project lead.

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