Introducing Bob

June 16, 2016

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Bob is an entrepreneur and has found a myriad of ways to make money while contributing to his community. Bob is a long time resident of Parry Sound who moved into this own apartment 2 years ago. It did not take Bob long to meet new friends and to create new customers.  Bob, who I met through my work at Community Living Parry Sound, asked me if I wanted my car vacuumed and for $5. I was more than happy to say yes to that helpful service.  I found out that Bob also sweeps the snow off of cars for people who live in his building, collects metal for money and his latest venture is to sell his crafts at the Tuesday market. Bob has a natural understanding that working is healthy and working for money is the only work worth doing.  That is not to say that Bob doesn’t create a balance in his life; he loves animals, fishing and corking.

What is my part in Bob’s story?  I have come to enjoy the chance to spend time with Bob from time to time.  We both like the Santa Claus Parade and have an annual date to go to the parade together.  I am also an entrepreneur and enjoy setting up a booth with Bob at the local market to sell art created by the ‘inspired artists group’.  I scoop up wool for him, as do his other friends, so he can cork to his heart’s content and as soon as my hectic schedule permits I will take him up on his offer of a cup of tea. What is your part in Bob’s story?Aug 19 art in the park 020Bob Fishing

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