Community Living Parry Sound Announces Partnership with LIFT Philanthropy Partners

July 21, 2017

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Though many things have changed since establishing in 1962, one thing that remains constant is Community Living Parry Sound’s devotion to advocating for people of all abilities. The process of evolving has seen a paramount shift in Community Living’s operations to better reflect society’s current understanding of social equality for people who have a developmental disability. Inclusion plays a key role in this new framework and people who have previously been marginalized are beginning to have the same choices that any other citizen has about where they want to live, work and play.

It is common practice for businesses to offer customer-centric, personalized services, because it is well understood that no two people are the same. It stands to reason that health and social services should be offered in the same fashion. To this end, Community Living Parry Sound is offering an innovative fee-for-service delivery of support that is person centered and adaptable to the needs of each person and their family. Implementing this advanced task is ground breaking in the developmental service sector and it is fortunate indeed to have help with how to offer this model to our community.

Enter LIFT Philanthropy Partners, who “believe investments in health, education, skill development and employment are fundamental to transforming the lives of Canadians”. LIFT, a national non-profit organization, is pioneering an innovative approach to catalyze transformational impact in Canada.  Using a national network of leading experts and businesses along with LIFT’s hands-on management support, LIFT is able to improve the operations, measurement practices, and accountability of non-profits, charities, and social enterprises so that their social impact is both lasting and meaningful. After a comprehensive process of information sharing, LIFT has agreed to partner with and support CLPS into the next phase of their 2017-2020 strategic plan.

 Over the next 18 months, CLPS and LIFT will conduct a series of internal workshops in which high-level goals are set and actionable strategies are created. Both partners will be equally invested in seeing that outcomes are achieved, and that the Community Living Parry Sound reach, impact and effectiveness are expanded. This opportunity to work with, and learn from leading business experts and the LIFT team will ensure that the addition of fee-for-service operations will provide comprehensive, timely individualized support that is tailored specifically to the goals, aspirations and needs of the person.

July 20th – CLPS and LIFT Workshop

Accountability and transparency are important aspects of this partnership so watch the CLPS website and social media platforms for on-going information and events connected to person centered support delivery.

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