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Unity makes us Stronger

March 16

A Part of My Community February 27, 2018 Fifty local citizens, reflecting the diversity of Parry Sound gathered and connected at the Community Hub on Gibson Street. People listened to the live music of local artist Shawn Kerr and heard heart-felt stories shared by four local storytellers. People talked with neighbours and then shared an […]

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Take the Bus; Community First in Action

April 9

Community Living Parry Sound first adopted a Community First philosophy in 2014 as part of our strategic direction. This approach to supporting people with developmental disabilities to create a good life in their community continues to enrich the lives of people by empowering, emboldening and supporting them to turn to community members and services first, […]

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Michael Bach; Bidding Farewell

March 20

March 17, 2017 – – The following is a letter written by Michael Bach, CACL Executive Vice-President. As I move on from my role as Executive Vice-President at CACL (as of April 16), I want to share a few reflections with my friends and colleagues at CACL and beyond in the disability and human rights […]

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A Brief Summary of Social Role Valorization

February 15

Human beings, by nature, are a judging and discerning species. Our minds leap to almost- instantaneous judgments about who people are, whether or not they are worthy, and then whether they are “part of “us” or “one of them”. The impact of these split-second – often unconscious – judgments are significant, strong and life defining. […]

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35 Million Ways to Right a Wrong

November 3

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George Lends a Hand and Grows new Friends in the Garden

October 25

George may not use words to communicate but he sure knows how to hoe a garden and get a row straight. Shawanaga First Nation, just north of Parry Sound  asked for help to get their community garden started in order to get fresh produce growing for people in their community.  Parry Sound has 6 local […]

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Easier path to cash for adults, kids with disabilities

September 9

Ontario is making it easier for adults and kids with disabilities to apply for support. Recipients of support no longer have to prove their condition twice. Peter is a child in Leslieville who will benefit from changes to the Autism plan, along with mom Marguerite Scabas and dad Steven Sherwood.  (Rene Johnston / Toronto Star) | […]

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Let’s Rewrite the Story

June 27

Let’s rewrite the story of people who live with disabilities. Let’s start with blue skies and possibilities; not deficits and limitations. A person born is a possibility; a great life force that enters the world to make it different.  They are not born different; they make the world different by being uniquely gifted.  Let’s see […]

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